In-home assistance


Since 2015, thanks to a federal grant, the Maison du Père has overseen Projet Logement Montréal (PLM), which brings together the 4 largest organizations for the homeless in Montreal: Maison du Père, Mission Bon Accueil, Old Brewery Mission and Accueil Bonneau.

This is the largest “SRA” project (stabilité résidentielle avec accompagnement, or residential stability with support) in Canada


The objective of this project was to place 250 chronically homeless people in private housing within 36 months and to offer them psychosocial support. After only 27 months, the goal was reached and the rate of participants remaining in housing is 88%.

Recognizing the excellent results obtained, the provincial government has also committed, since 2018, to funding the work of the PLM team, in order to place and maintain in housing 406 other homeless people.

Various services are offered to housing trustees benefiting from support: personalized psychosocial monitoring (once a week minimum); support in learning activities of daily living (cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, shopping, etc.); referrals to specialized services (doctor, Emploi-Québec, food bank, recreation center, etc.)

Projet Logement Montréal is only one component of Maison du Père's maintenance in housing service, since 125 other trustees benefit from regular visits from our home intervention teams. Some have been referred to us by the CLSC, others benefit from this support following their passage in one of the services of Maison du Père. They are in private accommodation, in a rooming house or in one of the 57 studios of Maison Wolfe.

Housing support with accompaniment, a helpful and inclusive solution.

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