Social Reintegration


Maison du Père offers 52 accommodation units to men aged 25 and over, in a situation of homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, who wish to join its own in-house social reintegration program (dormitory, private rooms, studios).


During their stay, all of their basic needs are met so they can focus on the steps they want to take in their program.

The program can be spread over a period of 3 to 18 months to allow each participant to regain, at their own pace, the autonomy necessary to return to the community permanently.

 The approach is personalized. Each participant determines the skills they must acquire and the issues they must resolve to regain control of their life: addictions, employability, mental health, physical health, legal proceedings, education, debt, etc.

An intervention team supports them in their efforts by directing them to partners whose services are adapted to the needs and reality of the participants, in various spheres of activity.

The accommodation for social reintegration programs, offered by Maison du Père, serves the transition and support process. The ultimate goal for each participant must remain that of relocating to the community with or without psychosocial support.

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