Health care, differently

Health care, differently
Health care, differently

Working in the health care service at the Maison du Père is to providing daily help in a different way.

It means helping to maintain the health of stigmatized, marginalized or even forgotten men. It is forging bonds of trust with disaffiliated men and creating bridges between them and the health care network.

Participants in Maison du Père’s programs are unconventional.

Rebel hearts and sensitive souls, they can be endearing and disarming.

The path to the health of these men undoubtedly passes through the bonds of trust forged over time.


Among the daily tasks, there is a part of healing and health stabilization, but also an important part of education and support towards autonomy.

The nurse and patient attendant are references within the team, and can act as guides or trainers for their colleagues. They develop a personalized health care plan for the men of Maison du Père and are able to make sound clinical decisions.

Every day, they advise all our teams and contribute to the positive development of the state of health of the men they support.



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