Food service, differently

Food service, differently
Food service, differently

The proper functioning of the food service is essential to the mission of Maison du Père. Together, the cooks, assistant cooks, chefs and the coordinator are responsible for the proper nutrition of users, residents, volunteers and even employees. This is a daunting task, which is quite different from what we see elsewhere, because you have to put together menus based on donations that are often unpredictable. 

You have to improvise every day.


Also, agents from the Ministry of Nutrition (MAPAQ)
regularly audit our service to ensure that food safety and hygiene are respected.


Finally, since the seniors' residence is officially accredited by the government, the organization must comply with certain guidelines concerning the quality and choice of menus.

The team is made up of a variety of individuals: employees, of course, but also volunteers, and users of Maison du Père who are involved in a program of social reintegration with the Programme d'aide et d'accompagnement social, or “PAAS-Action”. To meet the needs of the organization in terms of nutrition, therefore, does not only require cooking knowledge, but also patience and a coordinator with a solid capacity for team leadership.


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