Partnership with the CHUM

As you know, since 2013, Maison du Père set up a community healthcare wing for men who are homeless or at risk of becoming so. 

This service offer does not duplicate the one given by the public healthcare system since some public health services, including convalesence care, are not accessible to people without a home address.

The public healthcare network is now an important partner of Maison du Père. Since September, two agreements, amongst others, have been concluded with the CHUM. One concerns oncological care for homeless people and the other
intravenous antibiotic treatments for homeless people with addiction problems. It is essential to offer a stable and safe environment to these men during treatment in order to avoid the «    revolving door» effect or even death.

Ms. Jacinthe Dion, clinical-administrative co-manager of the medicine group at the CHUM has agreed to testify on the importance of our association:

“Homeless people have needs specific to their social situation and their episode of care often continues beyond the time spent at the CHUM. The partnership between Maison du Père and the CHUM allows us to offer them care and services adapted to their reality: community healtcare, flexible and adapted to each patient. By making a certain number of convalescence beds available to CHUM patients, Maison du Père offers a quality and safe environment for homeless people, while being supported by CHUM teams and structures. This new trajectory allows us to ensure an adequate transition between the acute care environment that is the CHUM and the living environment chosen by the patient.”


The CHUM and Maison du Père are two great experts in their fields. By combining our expertise, we will build a simpler and faster way to access health care for the homelessness.

Together, because every street should have an exit...


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