Services adapted to the new situation

For years, Maison du Père has focused its energy on the development of projects related to residential stabilization with support, for people experiencing homelessness.

The pandemic has only strengthened our resolve to maintain this trend. This is why the traditional Refuge was transformed, last July, into a reception, accommodation and referral center (CAHR). New users benefit from psychosocial support for 4 months to find a temporary or permanent place of residence. During this period, all of their basic needs are met.

The elderly on the streets, who are more vulnerable in this time of health crisis, benefit from a special treatment. A worker is responsible for seeing to their well-being, seeing to their medical follow-ups and accompanying them to find accommodation suited to their physical and mental conditions.

The emergency accommodation service has been maintained but the number of beds has been reduced in order to encourage participation in a reintegration program and to respect the rules of social distancing in the dormitories. Maison du Père, however, works in partnership with the city of Montreal, the CIUSSS Centre-Sud and its community partners to ensure that temporary lodgings are put in place to meet the needs of all homeless people in Montreal. The Royal Victoria Hospital is one such site.

In terms of social reintegration programs, little change has been made. All the essential services of the Residence and the RESO have been maintained. Only security has been strengthened to ensure compliance with health standards.

Clinically, after a brief interruption, the 10 convalescence and palliative care beds will shortly be made available to the homeless population. Something new: people needing oncology treatment can be accommodated there.


Finally, thanks to Projet Logement Montréal, of which Maison du Père is a trustee, 170 new people will have the chance, over the coming months, to benefit from subsidized private housing and psychosocial support adapted to their needs. With COVID, nothing will be the same again, except our will: that every street find an exit.

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